GlassPass Fee Policy

Last Updated: 02/11/2024

Transaction Fees

It’s free to list an item for sale on GlassPass. There are no setup, subscription, or monthly fees.​ During a transaction, we charge a small commission fee to sellers & a protection fee to buyers.

Buyer Protection Fee is 2% of pre-tax purchase price, with a maximum fee of $25.

Seller fees are tiered based on each Order’s pre-tax total sale price plus shipping. Taxes are not included in the calculation of the commission fee. The seller fee is detailed below:​

If the Total Purchase Price is:

Total Order Price Seller Fee
< $100 7% + $1
$100 – $999 6.5% + $0.50
$1,000 – $10,000 6%
$10,000+ Coming Soon!

​​GlassPass collects the payment for the Order from the Buyer and will deduct the commission fee prior to payout to the Seller. Trusted Sellers are eligible for discounts on Seller Fees. Sales over $10,000 can only be paid out and paid with wire transfer.

The Buyer pays a 2% protection fee with a maximum cap of $25. The Buyer Protection fee is calculated based on each Item’s total purchase price plus shipping costs. Taxes are not included in the calculation of the Buyer Protection Fee.

​Once the Buyer confirms they have received and accepted the Item (either by affirmatively indicating acceptance through the Service or by failing to notify GlassPass of any issues with the Order within two (2) days of receipt of the Order, as determined by the tracking information submitted by the Seller, then GlassPass will send payment to Seller’s account with an amount equal to the purchase price received from the Buyer (less any applicable taxes), and minus GlassPass’s commission as stated above.

​If a Buyer requests a permitted return within two (2) days following receipt of Item by Buyer (based upon tracking number), GlassPass will refund payment to Buyer with an amount equal to the total amount paid, minus the Buyer Protection Fee as stated above, retaining the Buyer Protection fee, and will not retain the Seller commission fee. Refer to our Return Policy for more details.

​GlassPass pays all credit card processing fees.

​Sales tax is automatically calculated, collected, and remitted to the state on Seller’s behalf. Refer to our Tax Policy for more details.

​GlassPass accepts payment via wire transfer or ACH transfer for amounts over $10,000.

Advertising Fees

GlassPass allows its users to place ads on the GlassPass app and website so that GlassPass visitors and users can easily find and discover your glass art items (“Marketplace Offerings”) on GlassPass. There are 2 forms of paid advertising in-app:​

  1. Bumps: $1 for 1 bump
  • A “bump” allows paid advertisers to bump their listing to the top of the feed. This occurs once per bump.
  1. Boosts: $5 for 24 hours
  • A “boost” allows paid advertisers to receive prominent placement on the GlassPass site as a “boosted” item, and will receive top placement in search results for a specified period of time (marked as “boosted”). Boosted posts will cycle through preset locations on the feed for the specified period of time.

​Seller/Advertiser will provide GlassPass with the content of all logos, graphic files, links, or other advertising material (“Content”) to be displayed, distributed, or used.​

We may change our Fee Policy from time to time by posting the changes to the GlassPass Site.​

If you have any questions, contact us at!