GlassPass Unboxing Guidelines

GlassPass Unboxing Guidelines

The GlassPass Unboxing Guidelines are designed to safeguard both buyers and sellers against potential fraudulent transactions. To ensure the protection of your purchases, it is essential to provide a proper unboxing video in case any issues occur. By thoroughly documenting the unboxing process, you’re confirming that the item reached you in the condition it was opened. You are only required to submit the unboxing video if a dispute is opened.

Unboxing Rules, Steps, & Guidelines:

All of these requirements must be followed to ensure the full protection of your purchase.

  1. Video must begin with the box completely sealed and unopened, with all labels uncut and in-tact.
  2. State the date & time in the video, or be able to provide a timestamp of the video’s creation date/time.
  3. Box must be shown in complete view of the camera at all times.
  4. Before the box is opened, clearly show the labels, addresses, all tape used to seal the box, all sides of the box, and lift the box into the air to show the top & bottom.
  5. Display all tape sections on the box up close to the camera to confirm the box's seal. Clearly show all tape on all sides of the box.
  6. When opening the box, remove all contents on camera and open/unwrap all items in the package in the camera frame. Show the entire inside of the box.
  7. Video must not have any edits or cuts, and must be the original copy with audio.
  8. Pelicans or other hard foam-filled cases must be opened and shown on camera.
  9. Carefully examine your item in the unboxing video to ensure there are no undisclosed damages or flaws that were not mentioned in the listing description.
  10. Items found to be damaged after the unboxing video is filmed may not be eligible for a refund.


Do I need to send the unboxing video to GlassPass every time?

  • No. You only need to send GlassPass the unboxing video if there is a dispute with the transaction. The video is used as evidence to protect the buyer.

Where should I send the unboxing video if needed?

  • After submitting a dispute on the order screen in the app, you will be able to enter text to describe the issue. Send the unboxing video and any additional pictures or documentation to with your username & the listing title in the email.
  • If the file is too large, you can upload the video to your Google Drive, and share the file/folder with so we can access it.

What if my unboxing video doesn't meet these guidelines?

  • You may be ineligible for a refund if the video doesn't provide sufficient evidence of the item's condition prior to its arrival. It is extremely important to follow these rules and record a quality unboxing video to protect yourself. The unboxing video proves that the item was not damaged after it was received by the buyer.

Where should I set up my video camera?

  • We recommend having someone else record you opening the box to ensure the entire unboxing process is recorded properly, and the whole box & items are shown clearly in the camera’s frame.
  • If you don't have someone to help, we recommend propping the camera up and recording yourself. Don’t hold the camera while recording the unboxing video – it usually results in a poor quality unboxing video that doesn’t capture all the requirements.
  • Ensure the entire box is visible in the camera frame at all times during the unboxing video, as stated in the requirements above.

What if I forget to record an unboxing video?

  • If the item arrives safely, the unboxing video is not needed.
  • If the item arrives broken or not as described, without an unboxing video GlassPass may not be unable to issue a refund. The unboxing video proves that the item was not damaged after it was received by the buyer.
  • If the item is lost in transit, the unboxing video is not needed for a refund.

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